DIY Tent & Awning Components

Do you have your own ideas for a DIY tent unit or awning?

Are you planning a tent unit or awning project of your own design?

Here is a sample of the building components I keep on hand and have available for sale. If you have a project and are looking for supplies, check with us, if I don’t have it, normally I can find it.

Build your own tent and awnings with Compact Camping Trailers
All the parts in our MOAB DIY tent kits are available individual. The most popular MOAB kit item is the folding platform hinges

DIY Roof Top Tent MOAB Folding Tent Unit Made in USA

We have a small supply of replacement Oasis II tent bodies available for your folding tent unit projects.

Oasis Tent Bodies for DIY Tent Projects

We also have a nice heavy duty industrial sewing machine and are happy to quote your custom sewing projects.


4 thoughts on “DIY Tent & Awning Components

  1. Do the “tent bodies” have any kind of frame or is it just the canvas shell? I’m not sure what components I would have to add…

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