Fortune Creek trail Washington Adventure

Headed to the Cle Elum area of Washington Sept 15-16.  Went on a trail run / photo shoot to Gallagher Head Lake for promoting responsible back-country exploring / off road driving by the Kittitas County Chamber of Commerce with photographer Richard Villacres.

We followed the Fortune Creek trail up to the lake.  This is a trail with wonderful scenery which requires 4WD but overall is not technically difficult. The first half has a few rough spot as it gently climbs.  The trail is wide and fairly open with great views in all directions.  The second half is where the fun begins.  The trail closes in, gets rocky in sections and steeper.  Although not difficult, you do have to pay attention to your line and avoid rocks in a number of spots.

This is the roughest run I’ve taken a Dinoot trailer on.  The Dinoot did great, although my Sidekick as a tow rig was about at its limit with open diffs.  At couple of steep, loose, rocky sections took some hairy backing up and a few attempts to find a good line.

Gallagher Head Lake is a beautiful setting surrounded by tall peaks to the west and east.  It was a great weekend, with perfect weather and the breeze blowing the correct direction to keep smoke from the Table Mountain fire away for the most part.

The site has detailed directions info for Fortune Creek and other trails in the area.

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