Dinoots are Popping Up Everywhere!

We now have Dinoot owners on both coasts and some sprinkled in between. Here are some recent ones.

If you are in the San Antonio, TX area, visit our friends at Texas Hill Country Coach in New Braunfels to see a Dinoot trailer in person!

Jeep Trailer Dinoot Build by Texas RV Store

This is Chris’s Dinoot from northern Maine. It is set up with a long tongue for hauling a canoe into the backcountry.

Jeep Trailer Customer Build in Florida of the Dinoot Trailer

Here is Layne’s Dinoot from Florida. There remains details to finish up; but they couldn’t wait to get it out and hit the beach.

Jeep Fiberglass Trailer Customer Build

In Utah, the Jeep aftermarket parts company Teraflex will be receiving three Dinoot tub kits next week.  Here is a sketch on what we expect Dozercon to look like setup up for Trailer Supported Adventuring.

Jeep Trailer Configuration for Teraflex


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