Before Dinoot Trailers, building a trailer to match your Jeep required cutting and welding old Jeep tubs together then days of body work.

I like to think the Dinoot J-Series tub kits are a game changer; setting a new standard for Jeep Trailers.  Now anyone with basic DIY skills can build their own matching Jeep Trailer.

The link below points to a thread I began on Tventuring as a place to collect Dinoot J-Series Jeep Trailer examples, information and photos.  Check it out in our forum here.

Follow along as we put together a J-Series Jeep Style Trailer Tub Kit. These kits come in compact or extended and ARE this easy to put together.

Watch this video, then give us a call and order yours.



Some builders of home built camping trailers want to put larger tires on their Harbor Freight frames. I’ve written a thread; “Fitting Larger Tires on a HF Frame” that discusses putting oversized tires on the 4’x8’ Super Duty frame kit which comes with 12” wheels and have a 5 on 4.5 bolt pattern.

Have you put larger tires on your Harbor Freight frame?  What size tires did you put under your Compact Camping trailer? What adjustments did you do to fit them?

Compact Home-built Camping Trailers come in many forms. Graeme Bossons has a nice Tent Topped multi-purpose trailer example.

This trailer is perfect for camping adventures one weekend, and a run to your local building supplies store or the dump the next week.

Here is a thread with other Multi-Purpose Camping Trailer examples.

Build a multi purpose trailer with compact camping trailers