Photos of the Dinoot #1

Here is Dinoot #1 out and about.

Dinoot Trailer LIghtweight Jeep Style Fiberglass Modular Kit
The Dinoot Fiberglass Light Weight Trailer Kit
 Dinoot Jeep Trailer Build it yourself Fiberglass Lightweight Dinoot Jeep Trailer Build Yourself LIghtweight Fiberglass

Here it is with a Safari style tent unit opened up and being used to transport an Extended tub kit.

Roof Top Tent on the Dinoot Compact Camping Trailer
Dinoot Compact Camping Trailer with Safari Style Roof Top Tent

To protect the interior on Dinoot #1, I covered the panels with a roll-on bed-liner called Monstaliner.  Previously I had used a lot of Durabak, although the one thing I was never completely happy with was the rough texture.  Monstaliner has a nice heavy orange peel texture that feels smooth when you run your hand over it.

Dinoot Compact Camping Trailer with roll on bed liner Dinoot Compact Camp Trailer with roll on bed liner

There you have it!  The Dinoot #1 out, about and ready for a trip!