Not Just Another Look Alike Roof Top Tent

The latest in cool roof top style tent units has just arrived!  They are so new we don’t have information about them on our web-site yet.

We have two exciting new Tent Unit models just in time for Christmas. The first one has two zipped sky panels in the roof.In the Summer, flip back the fly and watch the stars at night. In the Winter, leave them partially open for extra ventilation to remove condensation. The second is a lightweight, compact version with a reduced footprint and packed size. These are perfectly for compact SUV’s, cars and motorcycle sized camping trailers.

The Stargazer unit:

  • Comfortably sleeps 2-3 people
  • – 56”W x 96”L x 50” T open
  • – 56”W x 48”L x 12” T closed
  • – 115 lbs
  • $1100

Roof Top Tent Compact CampingNew Roof Top Tent from Compact Camping Concepts






The Compact unit:

  • – Comfortably sleeps 2 people
  • – 48″W x 84″L x 39″T open
  • – 48″W x 42″L x 11″T closed
  • – 95 lbs
  • – $775.00

Roof Top Tent from Compact Camping

Roof Top Tent From Compact Camping






As with our other Tent Units, these will make the perfect dry, comfortable sleeping quarters for whatever or wherever your away from home adventures take you. They are a great way to get a compact camper without the costs and hassles associated with owning an RV. Whether you are a casual or every weekend camper; you will love the rapid, hassle free setup.

Contact us at for additional specification information and details on how to get yours.