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Thinking about Tent Topping a trailer?

How about one of our MOAB DIY tent units. The only USA designed and manufactured tent unit of its kind.

With a MOAB, a Tent Topped Compact *Camping* Trailer has a cost-effective, unique option for a safe, comfortable nights sleep off the ground.  A traveling bedroom that packs into a compact size with a fold-open design that makes setup a breeze.

For details visit The M.O.A.B. Page at Top-tent.comcamping tent folding tent unit 1

There have been many questions about racks on camping trailers. There are many variations for compact, lightweight trailers we specialize in.  To add more information, I started a thread on the Tventuring forum to show examples and have a place for folks to show their rack setups and what they normally carry.

Here are a few examples, check it out at Trailer Racks.

racks for compact camping Compact Camping Trailer Rack 2 Compact Trailer Racks 3


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