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Wondering how our Tepui roof top tent units holds up over time? Gropie on the Tventuring forum just did a nice write up on how his Ayer model roof top tent unit is doing after two seasons.

Improvements that could be made:

* With the 2″ “skirt” that runs along the bottom of the tent that
hangs down over the frame when open. It’s easy to snag it when
zipping on the cover. I snagged it so bad last summer on time that I
had to cut the skirt to free the zipper. Maybe if the fabric was a
little thicker not to snag so easy? (I have to slide my middle
finger in behind the zipper when zipping to keep the skirt away from
the zipper.)
* Would be nice if Tepui also sold a shorter ladder for trailers.


* Still like new. No problems in rain or wind. Water runs off it great
and it drys quickly after rain.
* Zipper is heavy duty and should last as long as I don’t snag the skirt.
* There are vents up top, but I tend to keep side windows slightly
open to allow airflow at night as I have not installed the
anti-consendation mat. Without that mat, I can store two sleeping
bags and two small blankets inside and some misc. Mat takes up that
room otherwise so the mat has been taken back out as I’d rather keep
the sleeping bags inside.
* Lots of nice pockets inside for storing stuff.
* The two nets I have that hang from the top sides are a must for
night time storage.
* To open and close, including to insert the poles for the windows,
takes about five minutes!
* It is a small RTT. Perfect for one, but tighter for two. Two big
adults would not fit well in it. I’m about 6’ tall and just have
enough room to lay straight.
* Although a larger RTT would be nice, with mounting it on the opening
lid of my trailer, I would not want a heavier RTT… 95#s is heavy
* It’s great sleeping in it… like sleeping in a tree house! (Even if
only on a trailer.)
* Been great for the money! No regrets and it puts a smile on my face
getting into it.

For more information on Gropie’s trailer setup and adventures visit Gropie’s Trailer Bio here.

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On the Tventuring forum we have created a thread to be a place to post interesting compact setups members find.

These posts stimulate thinking and help home trailer builders hone in on what the ideal design of their home built camping trailer or rig might be.

The compact styles are just cool.

The thread is up to 42 pages now and always growing, check it out here.

Here is a sample of what members found:

For the Tent Topped campers out there, how long have you been camping this way?

Here was my first trailer and tent unit from about 12 years ago.

home built camping trailer by Compact Camping Concepts with Roof Top Tent
After using roof top tents on trailers and vehicles for a few years, we began the business of sharing the benefits with others by selling roof top style tent units.  We have been exposing the joys of Tent Topped camping in roof top tents for eight years now.

If you haven’t moved up to tent topped camping yet, check them out at Top-Tent!  We have galleries and all the accessories you need to be a Tent Top Camper!