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We sometimes have trade-ins. demo items and discontinued products we can offer at a reduced price here in our Garage Sale. When we do, we’ll list them here. 

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M416 Military Style Trailer For Sale

M416 Military Style Trailer Dinoot Trailers

We are ready to build an M-Series Dinoot for testing and documentation.  Once I’m done, it will be available for sale.

The Dinoot M-Series M416 Style Trailer will be a basic roller with a unique baggage door style tailgate. Tub will be in the standard black paint prep ready gelcoat, with a Harbor Freight frame, ride on 15” wheels and have round fenders. Will look similar to the picture.

Base price is planned to be $1995. Other options and modifications can be added as desired.

For M-Series specs and information visit the M-Series Trailer Model Page here.  Contact us if your are interested

Garage Sale was originally published on Compact Camping Concepts