M416 Trailer Receiver Tube Tongue Retrofit Brackets

M416 Trailer Receiver Tube Tongue Retrofit Brackets

With the popularity of ex-military M416 trailers and our focus on supporting DIYers building camping trailers, we are starting to do some M416 trailer specific parts.  As usual, our parts are designed around drill & bolt upgrades focusing on average DIYers without welding experience.

A shortcoming of M416 trailers is their stubby tongues. I am not a fan of the lunette ring style hitch.  To address this, we recently introduced a bolt-in M416 Receiver Tube Tongue Retrofit Bracket.  The install is easy; unbolt and remove the lunette ring casting, drill a few extra holes and bolt in the new receiver tube assembly in its place.

Once the new bracket is in place, a tongue insert is installed to establish the tongue length.  For a standard tongue insert, the overall tongue length should be kept to 45” or less.  Longer tongues can be accomplished by running your tongue insert through the receiver tube and back to the second cross member where the angled supports attach.

You can then use a standard ball coupler or your choice of off-road coupler. 

Tongue brackets are available individually and in kits.  For more details or to order visit M416 Receiver Tube Tongue Retrofit Brackets.  

If you have other M416 trailer bolt-in upgrade part ideas let us know.  Also, for people that have already built up M416 trailers, what would have made it easier for you from bolt-on parts perspective? 

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