Easier to Build Dinoot Jeep Trailers

We mentioned about a month ago that we were working to make the assembly of J-Series Dinoot Jeep Trailers easier with a change to the installation of the inner fenders.  The original inner fenders were designed to require fiberglass in place.  Using fiberglass isn’t a difficult skill to learn, but like anything new, there can be apprehension.

To simplify your Jeep Trailer building process, we are changing to a bolt-in approach for attaching the Inner Fenders.  The new inner fenders will be bolted in place with hidden fender flare bolts.

Following are shots of test fitting the first pair of new style bolt-in J-Series inner fenders out of the mold.  Hope to squeeze in some time over the long T-Day weekend to get them trimmed, drilled and assembled.

For additional details visit our link: New Dinoot J-Series Revision.


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