Home-Built Tent Topped Camping Trailers

Enjoy driving a compact vehicle and camping adventures? Then you likely deal with the dilemma of not enough space.

Wouldn’t it be great to make your Subaru feel like a Suburban?

It’s actually easy; build yourself a compact camping trailer.

Most people think of Teardrop trailers when compact camping trailers are mentioned. There is another, Tent Topped Camping trailer which have great advantages. First, they weigh about half as much as a teardrop. Next, the folding tent unit provides much roomer sleeping quarters. Finally, with your gear packed below, no unpacking is necessary for jumping in bed.

With basic DIY skills it is straightforward to convert a few sheets of plywood, a tube of glue and a handful of screws into a great compact camping trailer. Then you get the satisfaction of telling curious fellow campers – “I built that”.

To get an idea of what is involved, review the Explorer Box DIY Trailer Overview!  You’ll be happy you did.

compact camping trailer build at home trailer Compact Trailer build at home compact camping trailer explorer box Utility Trailer Gear Hauler Explorer Box Camping Trailer build a camping trailer at home with Compact Camping Trailers!

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