Long-term “House Paint” Plywood Finish Test

OK, high quality, easy to apply and durable Explorer Box paint finish for about $50!

Our plywood Explorer Box camping trailers have been around for over six years now.There are several ways to seal up and protect the plywood, some being more expensive than others.Seeing the use of house paints on small plywood boats got me thinking; If it works well on something that is in constant contact with water, it should work great for a plywood camping trailers.

So I started talking with paint companies about what they offer for sealing and protecting plywood. The folks at Sherwin Williams impressed me the most. After some initial testing, I really like their Exterior Latex Wood Primer and All Surface Enamel Interior/Exterior Latex, so I setup a long-term performance test.

With some leftover 1/2″ ACX plywood, I built a test box.I glued it with Titebond III and used #6×1” trim head screws instead of clamps. With the box, I’ll also be testing how well Bondo performs as a wood filler on plywood. I filled the screw holes on the box with Bondo, and allow it to cure for 36 hours. Then I sanded everything out flush and radius’ put  on the edges.

Compact Camping build at home paint

I applied two coats inside and out of the Exterior Latex Wood Primer, lightly sanding between coats.Next, I top coated inside and out with two coats of All Surface Enamel, Interior/Exterior Latex. After a few days of indoor drying time, the box was officially setup in a test location which receives full sun on Sept 26, 2013. Now we wait …

Build at Home Camping Box

Special Offer

Now for some really good news, how we can save Compact Camping Concepts customers money!I’ve setup a special almost 50% off deal with Sherwin William’s on these products.You can paint an Explorer Box inside and  out with high quality paint for about $50 with this special deal. Drop me an email and I will let you know how to take advantage of the special.


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