Dinoot M-Series Tub Kits Officially Available!

It’s official!  The next generation M416 style trailer has arrived. We have taken the classic military Jeep trailer to a whole new level, Fiberglass!

M416 Jeep Trailer Fiberglass Tub Kit Fenders-2

We are now ready to begin manufacturing and accepting orders for solid end panel M-Series Dinoot tub kits!The solid end panel version M-Series Dinoot tub kits will be $785 and come in black paint-prep ready gel-coat.

For additional information visit the M-Series Tub Kit page on the Dinoot website.

Over the next few days we will be updating the Build Components, Welded Frames and Building One sections with M-Series information.

Be the first of your friends to have a new M-Series Dinoot in tow!

Jeep M14 Military Trailer Fiberglass Tub Kit

When you’re ready for the step up to “Trailer Supported Adventuring”,
think Dinoot Trailers

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