Fiberglass M416 Style Trailer Tubs

We have been working on a new M-Series Dinoot trailer tub kit For a while now.  The M-series tub kit takes the classic M416 / M100 / M101 military jeep trailer to a whole new level, Fiberglass! No more lengthy searches and dealing with beat up, rusted out M416s for building a budget friendly overlanding trailer.

Jeep military trailer tub kit 1Jeep trailer military tub kit 2

As with our other J-Series Dinoot models, the M-Series has a modular collection of Lego™ like fiberglass components configurable to meet a range of needs.  There is a design thread on our Tventuring forum about the project at “Fiberglass M416/M100 Military-style Trailer Tub Kit”.

Expect to have the new M-Series available next week.  Visit the “Dinoot M-Series” page on our web-site for more information.  Here is a pre-production prototype out for some road testing.

Jeep military trailer tub kit 3

Jeep military trailer fiberglass tub kit

Jeep trailer military tub kit fiberglassJeep Trailer Fiberglass Tub Kit Military Jeep Trailer

When you think, “Trailer Supported Adventuring”, think Dinoot Trailers!

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