Sunday drive up Sardine Creek (Oregon) – 04/28/13

We planned to travel into the French creek drainage above Detroit, OR.  However, there was still too many snow drifts.   In a small area there are 8+ waterfalls, one over 360’ tall.  With the expected warm weather, we will be back in a week or two to try again.

Compact Camping at Sardine Creek Snow Drifts!

I had a plan-B, heading up Sardine creek. As expected the water was  flowing strong with many small seasonal creeks flowing.  Worked our way up to  the first water crossing; then slowly worked our way back down.  Here
are some of the sites that greeted us.

2 thoughts on “Sunday drive up Sardine Creek (Oregon) – 04/28/13

  1. I love it ! makes me home sick ! P.S. , I now live in the mid-west !! thanks for the pictures !

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