Is There a Teardrop Sized Trailer in Our Future?

Posted: February 26, 2013 in Announcements, Building
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This year I’m exploring the idea to expand Dinoot tub kits into a modular “Teardrop” size camper.  It’s very early in the process; starting to collect information and refine project criteria.  One of the things I’m doing, at this stage, is bouncing various style ideas around and taking the pulse of what people like / dislike & why.  This will help shape  the overall styling.

If you are interested; join in on the discussion over at the  Tventuring thread.



  1. TomLeeM says:

    The top one is a great shape and should be able to be towed easier. The bottom one maximizes the space so one can have more room to move around and more items that can be stored in it. I lean more toward the teardrop but I like both.

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