For a while now I’ve realized  there are a lot of great Trailer Supported Adventuring related information out there, but its all over the place.  Mostly in different vehicle focused forums.  What if, there was a common place for people interested in Trailer Supported Adventuring to come together?

So we’ve created  Tventuring!   A community for folks interested in Trailer Supported Adventuring  to discuss building, modifying, outfitting and using the trailers that support your “away from home” adventures.

Folk’s interest in Tventuring share a few traits.  First, they enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle where “basic” camping is the form of lodging.  Some go exploring deep into the back country requiring 4WD.  Others are seeking  that perfect spot for a weekend of fun with gear and the gang.  Second is the DIY gene.  Those blessed with this gene have enjoyment and satisfaction from doing things with their own two hands.  Some do ground-up builds while others change or tweak an existing trailer to their needs.

We invite you to check the new forum out and join in at

Compact Camping with a Dinoot Trailer

  1. TomLeeM says:

    I think that is a great idea; sharing the adventure with others.

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