Dinoot Build Budget

One of the questions regularly asked of us is, “How budget friendly is building a Dinoot?” To assist in understanding the cost we’ve put together a ‘build sheet’ of items necessary to put a Base Compact Dinoot together. These are normal retail prices, using all new parts.

Compact Base (without tailgate) tub kit in black paint-prep ready gel coat $789
Harbor Freight heavy duty, 4’x8’, 12” wheels, frame kit. They are regularly sale priced at $350.00. Also, there are 20% off coupons regularly floating around $280
(1) sheet of 4’x8’ 5/8” ACX plywood $32.00
(3) 1”x2” – 6’ Pine, $4.00 each $12.00
Quart of exterior polyurethane varnish $18.00
(3) spray cans, Spatter Trunk paint for inside of tub, $7.00 each (O’Reilly) $21.00
HW; tub panel bolts, tub to floor bolts, screws for floor assembly $20.00
16oz tube of Titebond glue for floor assembly $6.00
Quart fiberglass repair kit for bonding inner fender (O’Reilly) $30.00
Total: $1,208.00

As you can see, for a hair over $1200, you can get a Dinoot on the road and join the ranks of Trailer Supported Adventuring.

Couple of Notes: If you don’t have them, figure in the cost of some disposal brushes and gloves. Build sheet prices do not include shipping.

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