Another Tent Topped Camping Convert

It is always great to hear from happy customers.   This is the MOAB  DIY Tent Kit that Ernie from California  recently completed.   He used our online guide to build a platform for the MOAB  and mounted it on his great condition vintage military trailer.

MOAB Tent Unit on Customer Trailer
Here is what Ernie had to say;

“Thanks to your help with selecting the right tent for my trailer. You and I both know that if not for your help I would have been unhappy and paid a lot more for a tent that would have not done the job.

The tent went together with ease, the instructions on building the platform from start to completion was fun, and took just a little time. I stained and sealed the platform and set the platform on two pieces of channel as recommended. The hardware was exactly the correct amount, the sizes were exact.

It was great doing business with you and your company, and by the way I did appreciate your responses to my emails on labor day weekend; that was not expected. I have had another tent trailer in the past and this one exceeds that one in features.”

Here is Ernie’s trailer with the MOAB  hooked up and ready for some Trailer Supported Adventuring!

Home built Tent Topped Camping Trailer with Made in USA Tent!


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