MOAB Tent Topped Motorcycle Hauler

One major benefit to a DIY project, is creating something tailored to your specific needs.  A recent customer’s MOAB project is a great example of doing just that.  When I first spoke to Scott about his plan, everything sounded doable, but his platform mounting needs were different from any previous build so he had a few details to work out.

Tent Trailer DIY Customer Build MOAB Made in USA Folding Tent Unit

He calls it the “MUTT”, *M*otorcycle / *U*tility / *T*ent *T*railer.  The main purpose is to haul a nice pair of street bikes and camping.  He also wanted the MOAB easily removed so the trailer could be used for general hauling.  In transit his MOAB needed to fold up so the bikes could park under the platform.  Then easily fold down for setup at camp.  His setup has the added benefit of the changing room being on the floor of the trailer.  If you look closely at the pictures you will see some interesting details.

Great job Scott!

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