Rosebud, a Dinoot for Burning Man

Another Dinoot officially hits the road.  This one is a Compact Dinoot Trailer named “Rosebud” built by Robyn from the blog City Girl Camping.

Jeep Trailer Fiberglass Tub Kit Dinoot Customer Build

Robyn was concerned that her minimal DIY experience would be a problem.  In her words, “let’s just say Habitat for Humanity might discourage me from volunteering.”  From our discussions, and learning that she had help from a support network; I was comfortable her project had a high potential for being successfully completed.  After a number of discussions, she became comfortable too and ready to dive in.

Her Dinoot rides on a Harbor Freight frame and is running stock size tires.  It is Tent Topped using a set of Thule 300 rain gutter towers on Thule fake rain gutters with our reinforcement brackets on the inside.  She has also mounted a battery in front of the tub.

Overall for a being a beginner DIYer,  her Dinoot project when smoothly with only a hiccup or two that were quickly resolved. Throughout her project she would send questions with pictures that made it quick and easy to get her the info necessary to keep moving forward.

Jeep Trailer Tub Kit Dinoot Customer Build

Here is a link to a blog post she did on her Dinoot project.  Check it out!


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