Got Kayaks?

There are a number of kayak / canoe trailers out there; SportsRig, Yakima Rack and Roll or Dooit to name a few.  IMHO the drawbacks with these is that they are basically a rolling frame with racks for a premium price.

For about the same price, you can build a Dinoot trailer with racks for hauling kayaks, a canoe, kite boards, a wind surfer, etc. The difference is you also have a nice fiberglass trailer tub which provides substantial additional storage  space.  The Dinoot is the perfect setup for folks wanting to use their smaller or limited storage space vehicles for away from home adventures.

Shortly, we will be releasing a new welded Dinoot frame kit option. You will be able to configure it with a couple of different length tongues allowing the Dinoot to handle a range of different length watersports gear.

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