First Customer Dinoot on the Road!

The first customer built Dinoot is on the road. This build is in California by a Father / Daughter team.  It is an Extended tub kit with large inner fenders built on a bolt-together frame.  They used aluminum hub space for Jeep Rubicon wheels on their Dinoot.  They built a nice frame attached rack system for setting it up as a Tent Topped camper.  Their Dinoot uses one of our soft tonneau covers to keep items in the tub protected.  When they are ready later this month it will be getting one of our new smooth tailgates installed.

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You guys did a great job, welcome to the world of Trailer Supported Adventuring!

6 thoughts on “First Customer Dinoot on the Road!

  1. I have followed Jeff’s design and to see it come to fruition is great!!! The idea of making a kit for the DIY’s out there is outstanding. Not only does it allow the owners to build it the way they want, it also promotes a project that the whole family can chip in on.

    Well Done!!

  2. After going through the whole website, I have one question: The inner fender wells fasten to the top of the floor. That would lead me to assume that the edge of the floor surrounding the wheel well will be open to the elements, as would the bottom of the floor. When you talk about sealing the floor, the write up doesn’t speciy sealing the edges and bottom of floor (using the roll-on type of bedliner). I think that this is something that needs do be done before the floor is fastened to the trailer.

    Just an idea of course. 🙂


    1. Bill, Yes, sealing all sides of the floor is necessary. In the guide seal the floor, implies sealing all sides, I should tweak the guide so there is no confusion. For street trailers a quality clear finish is fine, for off-pavement towing bed-lining all side definitely helps with gravel chips.

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