Wiring Trailer Lights

Recently it seems I’ve had a steady stream of similar questions.  Which color wire goes where when wiring up my trailer lights?

Here is a great little cheat-sheet I found a while back.

compact camping trailers lights diagram

Another question is what lights do I need on my trailer?  Here is a link to the page on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) web-site describing the Federal trailer lighting equipment location requirements:  Click Here.

Hope this helps,

Happy Building!


2 thoughts on “Wiring Trailer Lights

  1. You might want to include the schematic for a 7 wire system as well. Some people may want to install trailer brakes, and a 12volt circuit for charging the battery as well.

    You might make an these available as options as well.


    1. Bill, In general the compact nature of our trailers do not require brakes, although depending on the type of off-road towing you do they might come in handy. Yes, we are seeing more people interest in a 12V setup for their trailer, been thinking about a few ideas. I’ll have to poke around for a nice, simple 7 pin wiring diagram.

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