Review of the Explorer Box Plan Manual

We’ve just received a review of our Explorer Box Compact Camping Trailer Plan Manual at  This blog is rich with adventures and lots of articles on DIY such as a deodorant can converted to a backpack alcohol stove, such as –  a cool site we check out regularly.  Paul’s review  is extensive and well written piece describing his reaction to our detailed DIY Plan Book to build an Explorer Box.

The Explorer Box Tent Topped Compact Camping Trailer
The Explorer Box “Exploring”!

It is during this time of year when the outdoors calls to those of us who seek the solitude, beauty and serenity of camping and being away from our everyday lives and responsibilities.  Thoughts for most of us naturally turn to the most cost and time effective way to do that.  With the Explorer Box that can be built (or bought ready-made here in the Pacific Northwest) to tow behind a smaller vehicle, the campsite can be set up in a matter of minutes with a Roof Top Tent or our own design folding tent unit made in the USA – the M.O.A.B.  We have added a ground tent to complement the Explorer Box that is also a fast set-up for those who don’t mind sleeping on the ground, or who need a larger sleeping space.

MOAB on the Explorer Box AL
Sahara Ground Tent with Roll Out Awning

Safari Style Roof Top Tent

We appreciate the review write-up and encourage those not familiar with our DIY Explorer Box Compact Camping Trailer to check it out.


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