Dinoot Update 04/17/12

The Dinoot #1 has been taken apart and put back together so many times, I’ve lost track.  I’m very happy with how everything is working out.  I believe people are going to be impressed with the finished product.  We’re excited as we draw closer to selling the kits!

One of the accessory items we’re working on is a rack system that doesn’t interfere with using a soft tonneau or tarp.  The accessory will use standard rain gutter style rack towers of your choice with fake rain gutter brackets as used on camper shells.  On the inside of the tub will be a steel reinforcement bracket.  The examples below are Thule’s.

Rack System for the Dinoot Rack/Gutter for Dinoot Fiberglass Lightweight Trailer Kit

Racks on the Dinoot Lightweight Fiberglass Jeep Style Trailer Kit


A few more accessory items I’m working on are a soft tonneau cover and tongue mounted bike rack.

Dinoot Lightweight Fiberglass Trailer Kit with Soft Tonneau Cover


Work is  progressing on the master parts for the smooth tailgate molds.  We expect the smooth tailgate to be ready early June.  At release we will have fiberglass CJ style tailgate without logos and steel replacement  CJ tailgate with logo available.

Design work to develop a secure, hard cover for the Dinoot that will support a rack system is progressing.  Below are sketches of the design.  The first focus is completing a hard cover for the Compact, the current time-table is availability June / July.  In addition, I will  be providing  information about building your own plywood cover.

To answer a  number of questions on this; Yes, the tub kit which include the four main fiberglass panels and inner fenders will be available for purchase separately.  You are not required to buy a frame, etc from us to buy a tub kit. In addition to the tub kits, we offer a full range of parts for building and outfitting your Dinoot Trailer.

When you think, “Trailer Supported Adventuring”, think Dinoot Trailers!

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