Dinoot #1, Part 2

We’ve progressed nicely test fitting and assembling of Dinoot #1. Everything is going together as expected, with only a few minor details to work out. We’ve assembled and taken it apart many times now.

I’ve been working on the order of operations for assembly, easiest approach for first-timers to attach their inner fenders and cutout wheel openings, and bolt locations.

We have fitted the Dinoot with a Jeep style tailgate now and I’m testing out some new low profile tail lights. I will finish glassing the inner fenders today; then re-assembling Dinoot #1 for working on the rack support brackets.

Here are more pictures!

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7 thoughts on “Dinoot #1, Part 2

  1. Hi Scott, you mentioned easy assembly, does the cstomer have to cut out the wheel openings or is it pre-cut? Can you post more info on the fibreglass material and technique that you’ve used?

    1. Khay, Yes to keep the kits as budget friendly as possible, cutting out the wheel opens and attaching the inner fenders are customer operations. As part of the assembly guide I will provide details on doing this, will most likely do a video also.

      For an additional cost we will also offer the option of factory bonding your inner fenders and cutting out the wheel opens, not sure on cost yet. From an options perceptive, we will offer assembly services, we can build your Dinoot to any level of completion you desire.

  2. In my particular case, I’ll be leaving the box uncut, and put metal fenders over the tires, so this’ll be perfect.

  3. That’d be perfect for me. I plan on using regular old metal fenders, completely outside the cargo box to maximize storage.

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