Dinoot #1, Part 1

Major milestone.

The first parts are out of the molds!  Here is a look at the first Compact Tub Kit as I’m test fitting and assembling it.

The frame has a tongue that is flush with the top of the trailer, as opposed to a bolt together frame, where the tongue is under the trailer.  Because of this, I trimmed the front panel of the trailer to clear the tongue / tongues braces.  The frame has 215/15” tires so the axle has been mounted above the springs and I’m using CJ fender flares.

Dinoot First Build Part One FrameDinoot Compact Tub Kit Build One

Dinoot Compact Tub Kit First Build Fender

Dinoot Compact Tub Kit Fender 2

Dinoot Compact Tub Kit - On Frame

Dinoot Compact Tub Kit On Frame 2

Dinoot Compact Tub Kit On Frame 3

Stay tuned!


4 thoughts on “Dinoot #1, Part 1

  1. what if the molds are mounted on the trailer with smaller tires that would then allow the molded box to be above the tires with fenders from national tools, or tractor supply? This would allow more storage space to be retained inside the molded box.

    1. Karl, In theory you could use the short, wide snowmobile trailer tires that ride under the floor of the trailer. Then you would have the whole tub area available. We will also have a smaller set of inner fenders available for people using 12″ or 13″ trailer tires which give you more tub space.

  2. Hey Scott,

    Can you tell us about that trailer?

    * Frame width, length?
    * Axle hub face spacing and spring centers?
    * YJ springs, or 2000# 27.5-inch trailer springs? Or…?

    It looks really good!


    1. Henry, A Compact frame should be 48-49″ long and 44″ wide for large inner fenders(this is what Dinoot #1 has) or 48″ wide for small inner fenders. Its tongue is about 5′ long for room to mount a 2-place bike rack it. Axle width depends on your tire / wheel plans. Dinoot #1 has a 57″ f2f 3500lb axle with 5 on 5.5 hub with stock Sidekick wheels that have ~4.5″ of backspacing. Dinoot #1 uses a 29″ long double eye, 4 leaf, 500lb premium trailer springs, perfect spring for a GVW up to 1100lbs.

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