Dinoot Trailer Update 3/17/12

Dinoot Progress Update 03/17/12

First, the bad news. Our progress is at a slower pace than expected to complete the part molds. We are about three weeks behind in pulling pre-production tester parts.

The good news; because our mold maker, an expert at producing fiberglass street rod and race car bodies, is doing extra work, we believe pre-production part verification will be expedited.

We are still on track for a May release of the Dinoot tub kit!  If you have not had a chance, check out the ‘Building One’ here.

There you will find what is included in the Dinoot kits, a overview of building Dinoot floors and a section on configuration / outfitting ideas.  When a build info is completed it will be added here.

We are very close and I am very excited to get Dinoot #1 built! The frame and floor are almost finished and waiting in my shop.

Dinoot Trailer #1 Frame In ProgressDinoot Trailer Plywood Floor In Progress


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