New Dinoot Trailer Webpage!

We’ve posted a new web page that is an overview of what is included with the “kit” verses extra items necessary to build a ready to use Dinoot Trailer.

The kits are offered as “complete” as you wish. We will offer Tub kits, with optional items you can buy as part of your kit or source for yourself. The Kit does not include customer supplied items that are not cost-effective for us to carry and/or ship.

Click here to visit our new page!

2 thoughts on “New Dinoot Trailer Webpage!

  1. The list is very informative.

    I read that Harbor Freight no longer sells the bolt together trailer kit. I did a search for it but it had no results. “Sorry, No Results found for ‘bolt together trailer'”
    I did find this one.

    I think there are other places / sites that have bolt together trailers.

    1. A while back HF had a recall on their bolt together frame kits and pull them from the shelves. The 1720 lb capacity “super duty” is available again on their web-site again and is in my local store. On the HF web-site search on trailer. Another big online place for bolt together frame kits is Red trailer. In the PNW some Fred Meyers and Bi-Marts carry bolt together frame kit in the Spring & Summer.

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