Tent Topped Dinoot

Here are some pictures  of the Dinoot Compact Trailer prototype with a Safari style tent unit mounted. You can mount the tent unit so it hinges over the front or side.

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6 thoughts on “Tent Topped Dinoot

  1. Would it be possible to get the Dinoot with smaller tires? Such big tires would make it lean forward when towed by a small car.

    I think it would make for an ideal camper for smaller vehicles; IMO. There does seem to be a trend toward smaller vehicles (especially with gas prices going up this summer).

    1. Yes, no problem running the standard 12″ trailer tires on the Dinoot. I’d have to check; but it may be possible to match the tires and wheels on your Smart Car to the Dinoot’s! Yes! The Dinoot would be a perfect trailer for a Smart Car and would love to see you towing it with your Smart Car!

      1. If you are running a reciever type tow system, just get an offset hitch to make it level. IMO with the larger tires, it will tow better than with the standard little dingy tires that you see on trailers these days.

      2. Jasper, Yes it is always a good idea to setup your tow system so your trailer is level when being towed. With compact, lightweight trailers the smallest tire size I recommend using is 12″ trailer tires.

    1. Hi Rich,

      Yes we are on schedule for a May release date. We have all the information; base model information with accessory information coming soon & tentative pricing, you are looking for at http://www.dinoot.com/. There you can sign up for email updates! Thank you for your interest.


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