Major Dinoot Schedule Milestone Complete!

Dinoot Trailers Fiberglass Lightweight Modular Kits

We’ve just completed a major milestone to advance the Dinoot toward release; the master parts hand off to the fiberglass shop!

On Sunday, Jeff the designer arrived from a cross country road trip with the part masters.  On Monday we met with the fiberglass shop to deliver the part masters, perform a knowledge transfer and worked out part / molding details. It was a very good meeting with no surprises.

The company laying up the fiberglass parts has been in business for 35 years building a variety of fiberglass Street Rod & Racing bodies, custom “rollers” to spec and special projects.  At our meeting we saw one special project; a set of body parts for an electric-powered streamliner style racing body.  The parts were for a friend’s company.  The mold is the same body he used to set a land speed record for his class of electric vehicle at Bonneville.

It was great getting to meet Jeff the designer in person and spend some time together. Until now, we communicated over the phone and email.

It will take about a month to get the molds made and pull the first set of parts.

Stay tuned …


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