The Dinoot is Coming!!!

For a while now we’ve been working on approaches to offer easily assembled, cost effective DIY trailer kits for Trailer Supported Adventuring. We developed an aluminum trailer box kit, although being very nice, the price point wasn’t as budget friendly as we were targeting.

A few months back, I hooked up with a designer prototyping a bolt-together fiberglass trailer tub concept. I was immediately drawn to it and knew there was great potential. After working with him for a few months we are extremely excited to announce that potential has been transformed into a new approach for DIYers interested in building Gear Haulers or Tent Topped Camping Trailers.

We call them Dinoot Trailers. At their heart is a modular collection of Lego™ like fiberglass components configurable to meet a range of needs. Designed to be buildable as heavy or light duty as your needs dictate, providing a “have it your way” approach to building your perfect trailer.  We’ve designed The Dinoot budget friendly by allowing you to build and upgrade incrementally so you can spread the cost out over time.

The Dinoot Modular DIY Jeep Trailer

The Dinoot Jeep Trailer with the M.O.A.B. Folding DIY Tent UnitWe are getting ready to start mold building for the first model at the end of the month.

We have setup a web-site at , to provide the latest information with a link to sign up for email updates.

Stay tuned.  When you think “Trailer Supported Adventuring”, think Dinoot Trailers!


5 thoughts on “The Dinoot is Coming!!!

  1. Well done Scott. I have been watching the design process and wondered who would get then. Excellent design and excellent match up IMHO. Good luck to both of you. We’ve just got HF trailers here in Oz so maybe a market here too.

    1. Thanks, I’ve been working with Jeff for a few months on this. He is coming at the end of the month to get things rolling on making molds. Interesting on the HF frames, I thought there was someone called EasyTrailer over there selling bolt-together frames for a while now. It has been very exciting to get customers from all over the world. We had an Explorer Box built in the UK and I just drop another construction manual to OZ in the mail yesterday.

      1. Yes they are called EasyTrailers. Unfortunately we don’t get the deals you guys do and the base 4×3 chassis starts at $499!! At that price it stops us from just having a go at building something like you guys do. You have to get it right first time.

  2. I think this is an excellent idea for those like me who desire a light weight trailer and for those who want some thing more and have it personalized for their needs. 🙂

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