Winter Camping

With Winter in full swing; some folks have packed the camping gear away.  This is the time of year many begin the withdraw from not geting out to enjoy a few nights around a campfire.

For some, they fill the void with researching and planning new places for their next Spring adventure.  For others, we pack extra long johns, lots of firewood, bring a good sleeping bag to keep hypothermia at bay and don’t let the snow and cold detour us from backcountry adventures.

Winter Camping for the hardy!

Then there are those that need a night or two “fix” in their rooftop tent but aren’t up to dealing with the elements. For those, living room camping is the answer.  Just bring your roof top tent into the house and set it up in front of the fireplace. You have a nice toasty nights sleep and  a “campfire” for smores.

Winter Camping!
Winter Camping with a roof top tent
Happy Camping, however you do it!

2 thoughts on “Winter Camping

  1. I love winter camping. The charming of winter camping is: since trees have been cover by white snow and rivers and lakes are frozen, you can enjoy a totally different landscape in winter and find a quiet and peaceful world.

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