Zukiworld Fall Classic

I joined the Zukiworld Fall Classic in Central Oregon last weekend for some 4WD exploring and camping. This is a yearly Suzuki vehicle event sponsored by the Zukiworld forum. You can count on chilly weather and some snow for this event. This year had colder than normal weather, teens at night and 30’s during the day.

The journey to the meet-up in La Pine was challenging due to treacherous snowy, icy road conditions. A few folks ended up in the ditch and we had one rig lose control, hit the embankment sideways and flip. With some quick winching it was back on its wheels and ready to go in 5-10 minutes with only a broken side window and some dents to show for it.

Bad Driving Conditions lead to flipped Zuki

We headed out of La Pine exploring the snow-covered back roads working our way toward base camp around 5-6 miles north of Fort Rock. At camp we made a big fire and had a chili potluck the first night. Around the campfire there were many stories to share on making it to camp this year with the road conditions.

On the road to Christmas ValleySaturday morning had a fresh dusting and a few sun breaks to help warm things up a bit. After some breakfast and toasting by the fire, we got everyone lined up and ready for some exploring.

Camping Christmas Valley ZukiWorld Fall Classic

LIned up at the ZukiWorld Fall Classic ready to roll

We headed generally east starting with a geocache and a stop at an old homestead. We worked our way to Green Mountain lookout and stopped for a late lunch.

Stopping at sites at the ZukiWorld Fall Classic

Then we headed to the Christmas Valley sand dunes, which really looked like snow dunes. The snow and soft sand combined made for more difficult driving than normal, but still great fun was had by all. We explored until dark, then headed to the Fort Rock cafe for dinner.

We got back to camp around 9:00 and bs’d around a warm campfire late into the night.

On Sunday we broke camp and I joined the group heading for home early, most of them were headed for the Seattle area. The rest of the group took the back roads towards Bend. Going over Pine Mountain and following the power lines that run north to south through the middle of Oregon. They also made a side trip to visit Derrick’s cave.

Even being a bit chilly, all in all, it was a great trip.


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