Other Plywood Projects – Toto Kayak

Besides camping trailers, there are many other possible plywood based projects.  Since I enjoy kayaking, plywood based kayaks are a natural fit for me.  A number of years back, I found the Duckworks Magazine web-site.  It’s a great resource for small wooden boat building.

This one is called a Toto, it’s a Double Paddle Canoe that I purchased plans for on the Duckworks Magazine site.

The Toto is a 13’ long and built using a stitch & glue method from two sheets of plywood.  A person can build this type of kayak  in a few weekends with basic woodworking and epoxy skills.  It’s more of a calm water kayak, that has good stability and with moderate paddling effort can get up to 4 1/2 mph.  The open cockpit design is great for fishing, bringing a furry friend and being able to stretch your legs out.  Here is some pictures of my last one.

Toto Plywood Kayak Project Toto Plywood Project kayak on Explorer Box Gear Hauler

Homebuilt Kayak Project from Compact Camping Trailers
Home Built Kayak by Compact Camping Concepts

Plywood Kayak Home Built Project Home built kayak by Compact Camping Trailers

20 thoughts on “Other Plywood Projects – Toto Kayak

      1. If you just research toto duck works it should get you the information you want.

        As for the aluminum version vs the wood when you try doing it yourself then let me know if it is much easier

    1. It is very sturdy with a wide body. I wouldn’t think it would have a weight limit because of the wide style and good construction technique. Plus, you could always reinforce it with a lighter weight but more expensive marine plywood.

  1. This is a beautiful kayak/canoe. I would love to build one. Do you have blueprints, or maybe step by step pics? This is ingenious and from only 2 sheets of ply. WOW!

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