New Trailer Addition, The LGT Camper

We are adding a new trailer to our offerings; The Let’s Go Aero LGT Camper.

It’s a multi-purpose utility trailer that easily transforms into a camping trailer with an integrated tent system.

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Features & Specs:

  • High strength design without excessive weight
  • Long-lasting galvanized steel construction
  • Convert your vehicle to a “pick up bed” only when needed.
  • Integrated C-channel cargo management
  • Fully removable end gates
  • Tent sleeps four with storage and standing room.
  • Large side bay windows
  • Screened ceiling panel prefect for warm weather star gazing
  • Trailer bed inside: 7’L x 4’-8”W x 2’H
  • Trailer overall: 123″L x 70″W x 38″H
  • Tent Size: 7’L x 8’5″W x 6’10″H
  • 410 lbs dry weight
  • 1,070 lbs load capacity

Price will be $2495

As with our Explorer Box;  the LGT Camper notably expands your available space and are used by folks that take a simple, “unplugged” approach to camping.  They compliment our current Explorer Box camping trailers with a few key differences.

LGT Camper

Explorer Box

Type Some assembly required & assembled DIY project & built to any level of completion desired.
Vehicle Needs 1500 pound tow capacity Can be built light enough for motorcycles
Usage Multi-purpose Dedicated camper trailer
Sleeping capacity 4 people 2 people
Tent setup Assembly of tent unit required.Unpacking of trailer required before tent setup Rapid fold open tent unit. Tent deployable with no unpacking
Tent Standup, 6’-10” tall interior Situp, 4’ tall interior.Standup withMOABchanging room.
Storage Open, tarpable 59 cu ft Enclosed 30 cu ftOpen floor deck

10 thoughts on “New Trailer Addition, The LGT Camper

  1. Interesting… OK if for a lengthy stay but rather elaborate setup for simple overnighting. Also looks like pretty much a “fair weather” tent (I’m assuming).

    On the plus side, the trailer itself looks pretty skookum and handy, and the tent has a funky appeal. I wonder if the tent portion is available by itself?

    1. Bill:

      Yes, this setup takes about 10 – 15 minutes and is better as a base camp for a few days stay. The tent is available separately; its sized with full door panels. You would have to build your trailer to the same size as the existing trailer box.

      With the rain fly, it can definitely handle inclement weather. The rain fly is not shown in the slideshow.

      Contact us if you need more information!

      Thanks for commenting,

    1. Yes, its definitely too heavy for a smart car. Its multipurpose approach does have parallels with Sylvan Sport, but its a 1/3 of the price.

      Nice to hear from you again.

    1. There is a factory rainfly available that creates a double wall design which helps to maintain heat in colder weather. Anything is possible; an interior insulator that hangs from existing bow system could be designed. With tent camping we always recommend that you use a sleeping bag rated for the outside temperature. Thank you for your comment!

  2. Very interesting design at a good price point. Not sure galvalized steel is the way to go as it conducts either heat or cold, might be uncomfortable when sleeping on it. Plus it is a noisy material, why not use wood for the bed ends? You should post videos of the setup of all your products and more pictures. Could you send me the price just for the tent for this trailer. Thanks!

    1. Barry, The LGT Camper is a nice design. With a 3″ foam mattress the steel end panels aren’t bad. It would be easy to make a plywood sleeping platform for it. When the weather gets nice we will be doing a bunch of new videos and camping photo shoots. Sending you an email with pricing info.


  3. I like that it resembles the GO trailer. The GO trailer has many excellent features, but costs way way too much. The GO trailer is also heavy. But if this LGT trailer is loaded with an ATV, it should have brakes. Most subarus are rated to only 1000 lbs for brake-less trailers.

    1. Thanks for the input, I just checked my demo LGT and it does not have flanges on the axle so that brakes can be added. I’ll have to check with the manufacturer on that. Whenever I order an axle, I always pay the extra few buck to get brake flanges on it just in case.

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