Explorer Box AL

The “AL” version of our Explorer Box, takes our popular DIY Compact Trailer to the next level.   A versatile, easy to assemble kit.

Explorer Box AL with MOAB Made in USA DIY folding Tent Unit

The AL is designed with the same focus on expanding your available space, making smaller vehicles a practical option for away from home adventures.

The “AL” has a durable, lightweight aluminum trailer box and a rugged welded tube steel frame. It has the same compact footprint, front cooler deck area and no unpacking necessary for deploying your sleeping quarters as our DIY Explorer Box.

It has front and rear compartment access doors.  To offer more flexibility in tire size and ride height we have removed the side door.  If desired when building; a galley with organized shelved storage facing to the front or rear.

It comes standard with one of our MOAB Tent kits so when it’s bed time, you’re off-the-ground for a comfortable, restful nights sleep.  It really has it all if you are ready to step up from sleeping on the ground, or to turn over a new leaf with Compact Camping!

We can also do the assembling if you prefer it ready made!  Check out the specifications here.

Don’t need a Tent Camper, but would benefit from expanding your available space? They can also be built as a Gear Hauler without a Tent Unit.

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