New Awnings Are In Stock!

Arc Awning for camping, RVs, Trailers, home!

The new ArcHaus™ from Let’s Go Aero is a versatile, modular outdoor adventure accessory that is both an awning and a tent.  As an awning it is great at keeping the sun off you and protecting you from the elements.  Attach the included zip-on end panels for forming an enclosed tent shelter with screened windows and zip up privacy panels.

Camp Awning Arch End Panel

Use it with camping trailers, with vehicles or standalone.

Arch Camp Awning with Eurovan

It also comes with a zip-on connector panel that has an elastic sleeve that stretches to approximately 5’x5’ for creating pass-thru openings.  They are easily setup by one person and stable on uneven surfaces. They pack up into the included compactl carrying bag and also come with stakes.

Arch Camp Awning in Carrying Bag

There is an optional Bug Room and Zipper-Mate available.

The Bug Room clips to the ArcHaus frame, has a solid floor and zippered doors on both sides.

Arch Camp Awning Bug Room with Rain Fly

Can be used with Rainfly (shown) or without.

The Zipper-Mate is an 18″ wide panel that allows you to connect two ArcHaus together while maintaining the full use of the end panel for compartmentalization if desired.

Arch camp awning zipper Connector Two rooms!

These are available now and just in time for the inclement weather of fall!  Check them out on our website here.


4 thoughts on “New Awnings Are In Stock!

    1. Yes it is easy to setup, will be doing a video soon. I love their multiple personalities, use it as a camping tent one weekend, then an awning for tailgating the next. I’m guessing it’s big enough to be a SmartCar garage also 🙂

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