Backwards Explorer Box

Here is Kasey’s from Wisconsin, Explorer Box trailer with a mounted Safari style tent unit.

He took advantage of the flexible Explorer Box design to tailor it to his needs.  He rotated his box 180 degrees from the plans, locating the kitchen / galley on the rear of his trailer.  His rear door folds down and has straps so it may be used as a table.

He started with a 4’x8’ bolt together frame kit and shortened it 2’ based on our online guide.  Kasey painted the Explorer Box black and upgraded all the hardware to stainless steel.

He made his box from marine grade plywood  encapsulated in epoxy to seal and painted it with latex house paint.  Kasey did something a little different with the door hinges; he used lift-off style hinges to allow the removal of the doors.

Here is a quote about his building experience: “I love this little camper and had a great time building it.”

As an extra reward, the Craftsman Club accepted his Explorer Box as a Craftsman’s club project!  Check it out at Craftsman Club – Explorer Box.


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