MOAB Platform Building Guide

We’ve completed the MOAB platform Install Guide and have it available here in PDF Format.  Take a look and check out our video of the New MOAB DIY Tent Unit – the only folding tent unit and DIY Tent Unit MADE IN THE USA!

Here is the platform on our Explorer Box III


13 thoughts on “MOAB Platform Building Guide

  1. I really like this trailer for the tent set up you all have, but I have one queation. How hard is it to back up? The shorter a trailer is the harder it is to back up and the longer the easier.

    1. Hi

      The overall length of the Explorer Box is approximately 10 ft. If you take it slow and are practiced at backing up a trailer, there should be no problem. With some, we add an extra 1.5 to 2 ft for a bike rack which improves the ability to back up.

      Thanks for your comment,

  2. What make and model is the trailer in your pic here…also which width/length is this one? I wonder if i could use a smaller trailer and still change the way or sizing of the platform so I use a smaller mattress…lots of things to think about…..I don’t need a large mattress, course my lil dog can be a bed hog! HAHA!!..

    1. Hi Linda!

      The trailer is our Explorer Box; for which we have a plans manual. The width is 48″ and the length is 56″. We have had a few customers customize the explorer Box plans (and their own ideas) into Motorcycle trailers. Keep in mind that the Explorer Box is only 400 lbs. So its pretty compact. Check out this page: of customer’s who have customized their trailers both smaller and larger, using the MOAB and Roof Top Tents.

      We know all about furry bed hogs. Our daughter had to move up to a double bed because of our lab years ago. Our border collies prefer the floor.


  3. I am seriously thinking this might be something for me! I would have to scale alot of stuff down even further..including a kayak…might consider a packable inflatable in my future….i would HAVE to include room for one,after all, I need to keep my moniker intact..kayakinbiker!…..

    1. That’s great news, Linda. As you can see from our newest post, we have an inflatable tandem kayak that we really enjoy and it fits in the Explorer Box for easy packing.
      Great Moniker, btw.
      We have a customer that did a write up about scaling down the explorer box for towing with a motorcycle here: and on our home-built page of the Compact Camping Concepts website. Check that out and let us know if we can answer any questions.

  4. Scott- I have saved that thread to my faves.. I read it again for the 2nd time! George had 1 of my goofy answers earlier in the thread.. forgot I saw it previously.. I am a motocampers member already..have been on there for awhile and go there daily….

  5. I have come to a decision about a colour combo for the box to solve the colour issue…I have a dark candy red bike, coupled wiht a green box and change room, if I have burgandy accent paint done on the box, it would look awesome! You know the colour combo!. it’s been out there for …not sure what design, just that it would work!

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