A Few Customer Photos

Here are some recent pictures of Tent Topped customers!

This is Terry’s very unique 2dr G-Wagon after we Tent Topped it.

Terry D.'s  G-Wagon Tent Topped

Tony moves his Rooftop tent between his Mazda and VW.
Tony's Mazda and VW Top Tent
Tony's Top Tent from Mazda to VW
Mounting them over the bed on pickup is a popular way to go Tent Topped; here is Brian and Ray’s pickups.
Brian's Pickup Tent Topped CamperRay's Pickup Tent Topped Camper
We showed you Russ’s Explorer Box being built back a while ago, here it is in use.
Russ H. Tent Topped Camping Trailer
Russ H. Finished Tent Topped Camping Trailer
A few post ago we show you some modern Aussie pickup bed campers, here is Doug’s old school approach.
Doug's Pickup bed Camper
Doug's pickup Bed Camper

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