Take a Look at the Complete MOAB Re-Design

Now here is what a complete M.O.A.B Tent Unit with the new green Changing Room looks like.

As before, the kits include everything you need for installing a M.O.A.B on a plywood based platform.  It includes a Tent Body, Bows, Bow Hardware, Platform Hinges, Travel Cover, and Hardware kit.

You purchase the materials locally for building your folding platform and awning support poles.

The zip-on Changing Rooms are an optional item.

Pricing will be:

$679.00 M.O.A.B. kit
$795.00 – M.O.A.B. kit with Changing Room
$135.00 – Changing Room separately
$39.00 – $59.00 shipping

All kit parts will also be available for purchase separately.

We are busy working on the documentation, getting parts in and web-site updates for being ready to ship the M.O.A.B kits the week of 06/20.


2 thoughts on “Take a Look at the Complete MOAB Re-Design

  1. Pretty fair pricing. Salem OR, eh? A little 10 hour drive down the highway…

    What are the packed-for-shipping dimensions and weight of the $679.00 M.O.A.B. kit?

    Can you please estimate shipping to Canada @ Post Code V1Y 9T1


    1. Hi Bill:

      Yeah, ten hours is a bit of a drive; though not so bad if you make a weekend out of it! The MOAB ships out in two boxes. One is 18 x 18 x 12, weights about 36 lbs. The second is 58 x 4 x 4 and weights about 9 lbs. I will run a shipping quote for you and email you tomorrow. Thanks for your interest!


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