First Look at the MOAB Re-Design!

Here is a first look at the redesign of the M.O.A.B.:  notice  the tent is rotated 180 degrees.  Now the foot end of the tent is the side that folds open.

It has the same style entry door awning as before, just need to finish sizing the poles.

The new and improved M.O.A.B. Made in USA Folding Tent Unit

More to come …


5 thoughts on “First Look at the MOAB Re-Design!

    1. Fred, glad to hear you like it. Once we get the Re-Designed MOAB out, I’ll be looking into a narrower 42″ verses 48″ width closed platform specifically for use on Motorcycle sized DIY Tent Trailer trailers, stay tuned …

  1. Bob, I’m shooting for having the 42″ wide platform details worked out before the end of the month. Then I’ll need to get some different travel covers made. Watch the bolg for an announcement.

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