M.O.A.B. Re-Design

What do you do after designing and releasing the one of a kind MADE IN USA DIY folding style Trailer Tent?  Yes I’m talking about our “Mobile Outdoor Adventure Bedrooms”.(M.O.A.B.)

We’ve made it better, of course!

We began by rotating the Tent orientation 180 degrees.  The foot end is now the side that folds out.  Climbing in the top of the trailer is more stable and eliminates the possible leverage effect an extended platform can have on a trailer.  I believe this makes for a more aesthetically pleasing style.

The Changing Room received some refinements; They will now be green, made from a heavier fabric and come in two height ranges.

Another notable change is pricing! We will be offering a new lower base price with the Changing Room as an option.

We will have pictures and more details available before the end of next week and ready to ship the week of 06/20/2011.

2 thoughts on “M.O.A.B. Re-Design

  1. I can’t wait for the pictures and to see how the redesign reduces the tendency to leverage the trailer over with the folding section. I took my MOAB out this last weekend for it’s first camping trip to Road America for the Motorcycle races. Everything worked very well and I’m extremely pleased with the results. Everybody that looked at the unit had good things to say about it.


    1. Hi George!

      Glad to hear the ‘maiden voyage’ went well! Having a unique tent topped camping trailer like yours, always attracts attention. Look forward to seeing photos of it in use.

      We’ve just received the shipment (in the last hour) of the new M.O.A.B.’s and as soon as we can put one up we’ll be posting photos.

      Thanks, George for writing and hope to hear from you soon.


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