Here are some pictures I received from Buck in Washington of the Tent Topped Camping Trailer he is building with one of our safari style Tent Units.  He plans on towing it with a sidecar equipped motorcycle.  It’s built on a bolt-together 40” x 48” trailer frame kit.

Buck's Tent Topped Motorcycle TrailerBuck's Compact=

His youngest grandson couldn’t wait to get inside it!

Buck's Motorcycle Trailer with Roof Top Tent

Here it is with his Tow Rig.

Buck's Tent Topped Motorcycle Trailer with sidecar

  1. BigGoofyGuy says:

    It looks like a great way to rough it without having to sleep on the ground.

  2. David G. says:

    I think that’s great !!!! I’m doing mine that folds out and use my 5X7 tent on it my box is 48″X60″ with a shelf thats 96″X60″ when folded out. And I have a Ural also.
    David In Portland Or.

    • Ccconcepts says:

      Sounds interesting, be sure to send some pictures when it’s completed. Haven’t seen a Ural in person, I like the idea of the motorcycle and sidecar both having driven tires.

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