Buck’s Tent Topped Motorcycle Trailer

Here are some pictures I received from Buck in Washington of the Tent Topped Camping Trailer he is building with one of our safari style Tent Units.  He plans on towing it with a sidecar equipped motorcycle.  It’s built on a bolt-together 40” x 48” trailer frame kit.

Buck's Tent Topped Motorcycle TrailerBuck's Compact=

His youngest grandson couldn’t wait to get inside it!

Buck's Motorcycle Trailer with Roof Top Tent

Here it is with his Tow Rig.

Buck's Tent Topped Motorcycle Trailer with sidecar


3 thoughts on “Buck’s Tent Topped Motorcycle Trailer

  1. I think that’s great !!!! I’m doing mine that folds out and use my 5X7 tent on it my box is 48″X60″ with a shelf thats 96″X60″ when folded out. And I have a Ural also.
    David In Portland Or.

    1. Sounds interesting, be sure to send some pictures when it’s completed. Haven’t seen a Ural in person, I like the idea of the motorcycle and sidecar both having driven tires.

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