Compact Kayak / Bike Trailers

Although it’s a class of trailer we don’t currently address; we receive several questions about them, so here are some thoughts. They go by many names; sports gear, sport utility, kayak, and micro trailers to name a few. Basically they are an ultra lightweight flatbed trailer with a really long tongue. They are mainly used for hauling kayaks, canoes and/or bikes and for compact and convertible cars, they are a great way for hauling this type of gear around.

The main players are Rack & Roll, Sportsrig and Dooit.

Rack and Roll TrailerDooit Trailer

From what I’ve read and seen they are all quality trailers that get the  job done. They all offer some form of smooth riding independent trailing arm style suspension,  a load capacity of 250-450 lbs,  frames made of aluminum or steel, and weigh in at 150-200 lbs. For the budget conscious they do have a downside; prices range from $1600-$2100 without options.

If you would like a more budget friendly option as low as $775; here are a couple to check out. The big difference with these trailers is a straight axle and springs that are on the stiff side. First is the CE Smith MultiSport Trailer, it’s designed as a small boat trailer that is easily covered to a kayak / bike trailer.   If you would like this same trailer already converted to a kayak / bike trailer, check out the Malone MicroSport Trailer.CE Smith Trailer
CE Smith Malone Trailer

The other is Magneta Trailers, they have a number of trailer platforms with a range of accessories that allow for multiple setups from a couple kayaks  to a monster 20 kayak / canoe trailer. They also allow you to easily mix kayak / canoes and bike.

Magneta Trailer

It’s worth noting than using this style of flatbed trailer you can also create a micro camper / tent trailer by mounting one of our folding rooftop style tent units on top.   By elevating your tent unit on racks you’ll have a convenient storage area underneath.
Compact Camping Trailers Roof Top Tent on Utility Trailer

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