Explorer Box AL

Coming Soon:

The “AL” version of our Explorer Box, takes our popular DIY Compact Trailer to the next level. An easy to assemble, complete kit with a pre-fabricated aluminum trailer box. The versatile nature of the kit makes it easy to configure and tailor to your needs as a Gear Hauler or Tent Top Camper.
The Explorer Box AL

We’ve  designed the AL with the same focus on expanding your available space thereby making smaller vehicles a practical option for wherever away from home adventures takes you. It will have a front cooler deck area and we have a nice two place tongue mounted bike rack in the works.

What’s new will be a Backcountry option for AWD and 4WD explorers whose adventures regularly take them off-pavement, on those roads less traveled. It will include key items such as upgraded suspension, 3 axis high rotation style coupler and larger tires.

Here is our prototype configured as a Tent Topped Camper with one of our lightweight Frontrunner rooftop style tent units.
Roof Top Tent on the new Explorer Box ALRoof top Tents on Explorer Box AL

Roof Top Tents on All New Explorer Box ALRoof Top Tents on Explorer Box AL

We are targeting a starting price of $2600 for a Gear Hauler version and $3500 for it configured as a Tent Topped Camper.

Some Tentative Spec Information:
• Dry weight (as Tent Topped Camper) 375-450 lbs
• 1000 lb GVW, 1200-1400 lb GVW for Backcounty
• Trailer box: 45” wide x 53” long x 21” tall, 29 cu ft of interior storage
• 10’ overall length
• 13” rim with 24” tires, 15” rims with 29” tires for Backcountry
• 2000 lb capacity axle, 3500 lb for Backcountry

Check out our new video of the Explorer Box AL here.


2 thoughts on “Explorer Box AL

  1. Oh sure after I get my wood one done you come out with a better idea. Looks good if my wood unit fails I’ll be looking at one of these more closely. Have to see if the weight and size would work with the motorcycle.

    1. Just so you don’t feel too bad – the initial AL’s would be on the heavy side for a motorcycle. But if there is enough interest from the motorcycle crowd; I’d definitely look into building a micro sized Explorer Box AL specifically for motorcycles.

      From the looks of how well you built your trailer you wouldn’t be in the market for one of these any time soon. :o)

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