La Aventura Panamericana

Here is a great example of Compact Camping; a couple from Germany taking seven months to visit thirteen countries.  Driving from Alaska to Tierra Del Fuego.  For an epic adventure of this type some would setup and drive a huge expedition style vehicle, not Oi & Rainier their choice was a micro 4WD Lada Niva car, it’s the one on the right.

On the trip they passed through Oregon and one of our covered bridges.

It took them through the Andes mountains

Then ended up with views like this of the mountains in the Torres del Paine National Park of Patagonia.

This trip and their choice of vehicle and style of travel illustrates perfectly  that compact vehicles are a great platform for outdoor adventures.  Using your car as a backpack, keeping it light, simple and bringing only a few basics.

Check out full details of their adventure on Facebook at!/pages/La-Aventura-Panamericana/128399620536145?sk=notes


3 thoughts on “La Aventura Panamericana

  1. Hi folks!

    We’ve been quite surprised and honored to see our Niva featured on this site. And, what can we say? We made it, all the way. We are in Buenos Aires now, on the last day of our trip. And while we have admired those large expedition vehicles we saw all over the trip, we are quite sure, that the giant one in Alaska certainly won’t make its way through the narrow Mexican city centers etc.

    For us the Niva was just right. Large enough for all our stuff, although we had to think twice what to bring, but it proved we were missing nothing. We had a small tent with us and combined camping and hotel/motel/hostel accomodation.

    For questions, just leave us a note on our facebook blog.
    Oi and Rainer

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