Raisable deck home-built camping trailer

This is Max’s trailer from Texas. Although it’s bigger and heavier than most compact cars could handle towing; it has a very interesting raisable deck.

He built it so he could haul a DualSport motorcycle, then raise the deck and convert it to a camper when he got to his destination.

The tent panel snaps in place after raising the deck.

Max’s trailer has me thinking about some lightweight variations on the raisable deck idea, converted to a tent idea.

Max has a post on the Expedition Portal about his trailer here.

Max's raisable deck trailerMax's Raisable Trailer Idea

Max's Raisable Trailer Idea 3
Max's Raisable Trailer Idea 4


2 thoughts on “Raisable deck home-built camping trailer

  1. When compared to a Sylvan GO trailer, this one is an ideal blend of simplicity and function. IMHO, the Sylvan although a nice trailer, focuses to much on flash and high tech materials that increase the price without adding functionality.

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